Online Botox Basic and Advanced Training

One-Day Basic & Advanced Botox Technique

This is an intensive online only course that focuses on providing Botox training for the injection of Botox Cosmetics® ONLY for experienced Botox injectors who need a certificate.
  • You will learn about the injection of the following areas:

    Basic Botox® Areas – Frown Lines, Crow’s Feet, and Forehead Lines
    Advanced Botox® Areas – Nasalis, Perioral Lines, Dimpled Chin, Brow Lift, Lower Eyelid, and Marionette Lines

    Educational packet (includes an instructional video, powerpoint slides and essential start up files) will be available to you online.


    Describe mechanism of action of Botulinum Toxin
    Knowledge of the facial anatomy, physiology of pertinent muscles
    FDA approved uses and off label uses
    Safety and contraindications
    Storage, preparation and dilution
    Patient evaluation and consultation
    Standardized procedures & protocols

    Do you want hands-on training? We offer one on one personalized hands-on botox training as well. Contact us.

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Online Botox Training Techniques | for Experienced Injectors
An intensive online training courses for experienced Botox injectors who need a certificate. Call (212) 470-8059 to register and get instructional video today.
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