Predicting The Plastic Surgery Procedures; Top 10 Trends of 2018


Predicting trends this early 2018 may seem somewhat far-fetched given just how fast they can arise. However, there are certain trends from the previous year that were growing and are still becoming more popular. For those who have undergone Botox training and offer services for Botox injection particularly in large cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami, it is important to stay up on new trends in the cosmetic field.

Here are 10 trends that have already made their mark and continue to grow in popularity. By staying aware of what is new, it helps to prepare your practice for new patients who want the latest treatments to improve their appearance.

Micro-Botox Injections


Instead of traditional Botox treatments, there is a new trend towards smaller injections designed to decrease the size of pores, reduce oil production, and smooth out the skin. The micro-injections help produce more collagen which provides plumper for the skin that lasts a longer time compared to traditional Botox injection treatments.

No Surgery


The non-surgical trends in cosmetics continue to rise in popularity from fat melting to body sculpting to other noninvasive procedures designed to improve the overall appearance of the patient. While breast implants and general plastic surgery remain quite popular, the rise of procedures that are non-surgical reflects a growing change in the overall attitudes of men and women about how to ward off the effects of age or change their appearance.

Nose Sculpting


Along with the non-surgical methods being used for other parts of the body, more people are turning to injections to help change the shape of their noses. While this form of treatment cannot reduce the size of the nose, it can improve its shape, smooth out certain areas, and provide a better, overall appearance for the nose without having any surgery performed.

Ab Sculpting

Why workout endlessly to get a six-pack when your plastic surgeon can do it for you? That six-pack appearance is now just a surgical procedure away and it has become quite popular for good reasons. Mostly because you save a considerable amount of time in the gym trying to get that look for your abdominal muscles.



While threads have been used as stitches for centuries, they have only recently been used for face-lifting and improving the overall appearance of the body. Using threads for face-lifting works because they increase the production of collagen under the skin. This is because threads made from materials foreign to the body create a reaction that boost the production of collagen in the area.

In addition, threads that have knots or barb cones also change the surface of the skin and create lift which only improves over time. Such treatments are gaining in popularity because they work almost immediately, and the effect only improves over time. Because of the improvement, the use of threads has become one of the most popular of recent cosmetic trends. Plus, it is safe and relatively easy to employ.



Easily one of the most recognized trends in 2017 and continuing to rise for 2018 is the concern over preventing lines and wrinkles from forming in the first place. More cosmeticians are seeing patients in their 20s and 30s looking for ways to offset potential wrinkles before they occur with Botox injection and treatments. Your Botox training will help identify areas of potential wrinkles and using the right amount to prevent their occurrence.

Natural Rejuvenation


A growing trend that is sure to dominate 2018 is using the body’s own resources to rejuvenate its appearance. This means that practitioners will use more transfers of body fat, tiny or micro injections just under the skin of platelet-rich plasma or PRP which helps to boost collagen production, and other uses of the body’s own products to create a more youthful, natural appearance. PRPs are especially effective when it comes to growing new cells and the health of the scalp and hair.

Probiotic Skin Products

Although only at the beginning, there is a new wave of interest in probiotic skin care products that are designed to promote healthy bacteria growth. While probiotics are mostly associated with digestion, there is growing evidence that their use on the skin offers positive results as well.

Vaginal Treatments

This practice has been around for several years, but it still growing in popularity. Vaginal rejuvenation uses lasers to tighten the skin by promoting collagen production which in turn creates benefits that are both aesthetic and medical in their effect. In effect, this type of treatment can turn back the clock for women, especially those who have had children.

Bespoke or Customized In-Office Services

This is a combination of lasers and other treatments that provide a unique or signature appearance to a patient. This is more than selling a brand, but rather it is medical practitioners who can formulate different treatments into a single package for each patient. For example, before injecting Kybella practitioners have found that using mode lasers to add heat means putting in less product. Overall, it means that those who limited themselves to a Botox injection are now asking what a practitioner can do for them, not just what products or services they offer.

In addition to the trends that will be prominent in 2018, there will be a growing shift towards areas of the body apart from the face. This means more treatment for the legs and arms to help tighten the skin and provide a more youthful physique perhaps in combination with treatments for the face. This trend towards other parts of the body is being driven by women who are now more accustomed to wearing less in public. This includes treatments such as liposuction to remove small areas of unwanted fat from the arms and legs.