MedSpa Startup 101 & Growth Hacks: Essential Training and Resources

Are you a doctor, NP, PA, RN, or dentist ready to enter the world of aesthetics medicine? Or maybe you’re looking for the boost in patients for your established medspa? Cosmetic Medical Training will guide you every step of the way. Here’s your 3-step path to success:

Step 1: Master the Clinical Skills is your clinical guide: Choose from a comprehensive range of Botox® and Dermal Filler courses expertly designed for all experience levels.

The Benefits of Targeted Training:

Proven Results: Studies show that training with an emphasis on hands-on experience leads to higher practitioner confidence and improved patient outcomes.

Personalized Approach: Small class sizes ensure individual attention with hands-on practice in a real medical setting.

Ongoing Support: Post-training guidance fosters continued success.


OUR TRAINING GUARANTEE: If you don’t feel completely confident injecting basic Botox® or dermal fillers after your initial training, we’ll train you again for FREE until you do!

All The Amazing FREE Stuff That You Get!

Included in Your Training:

  • Complete Medical Spa Training & Unwavering Support
  • Exclusive Group Purchasing Benefits
  • Botulinum Toxin & Dermal Filler Discounts
  • Complimentary Business Starter Kit
  • VIP Access to our medspa startup mastermind group
  • Medspa Practice Software
  • Social Media Launch Kit
  • Facebook & Google Ad Strategies + Templates

Total Value: $6629 – Yours FREE with select training courses!

Step 2: Build Your Aesthetic Business (and Avoid Costly Mistakes)

Expert Consultants: Your Roadmap to Success 

Your seasoned professionals with extensive medical spa experience can streamline your business launch and optimize operations.

Why Seek Consulting?

Avoid Missteps: A recent survey found that inadequate business planning was a top reason for business failure.

Where Do I Start?

Starting a medical spa can be a daunting task. From business planning and licensing to hiring and marketing, the process is filled with complexities and challenges. As a healthcare provider, you have the medical expertise, but the business aspect can feel overwhelming.

Your Guide is your roadmap to medspa profits: This consulting service offers expert insights to help you navigate the business side of aesthetics.

Guidance Covers:

  • Effective marketing & branding strategies
  • Financial planning and management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Staff hiring and training
  • Creating a stellar patient experience
  • Benefits: A customized business model for long-term viability and growth

Whether you want to learn the ropes yourself, need assistance with specific details, or prefer a full-service solution, we have the right package for you.

Step 3: Effortlessly Attract and Retain Patients to Increase Your Profits is your marketing and patient management secret weapon: You will streamline patient engagement for ultimate success.

Powerful Features:

  • Automated nurturing campaigns to convert leads into loyal clients
  • Online booking, appointment reminders, and follow-up tools
  • Detailed reporting to analyze and refine your marketing efforts

Why Cosmetic Medical Training Is Your Ultimate Dream Team

This isn’t just fragmented training; this is your blueprint for a world-class medspa:

  • End-to-End Expertise: From training to business management, you will get it all.
  • Confidence to start and grow: Top-tier personalized training and strategic business planning.
  • Sustainable Growth: Stay profitable, and attract your ideal patient long-term.

Start building your beautiful medspa business today!