• Is this a Certified course?

    Botox®/Dysport® and Dermal Filler injection is not currently limited to a board specialty in medicine. Any physician may learn and inject Botox®/Dysport® and Dermal Fillers into patients under the scope of their practice. Therefore, there is no “Board Certifying” for this procedure in the USA. You will receive a Certification of Completion that is recognized by the vendors and malpractice insurance companies. Some states have passed legislations regarding the specific types of training. We recommend that you contact your state licensing board to ensure that our training meets your state’s requirements. Mid-level providers should contact their states as there are various laws regarding supervision of this procedure that your state may require of you.

  • Will I receive a training certificate?

    Yes. You will receive a training certificate after you view the online training material that you will be able to download from your computer.

  • Can I get CME credit for this course?

    Yes, you can. According to the AMA, "Participation in activities that have not been certified for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™" is a AMA PRA Category 2. The course at Cosmetic Medical Training is currently not an AMA PRA Category 1 course.

    According to the AMA policy:

    Organizations may not certify activities for AMA PRA Category 2 Credit™ or advertise that an activity qualifies for AMA PRA Category 2 Credit™.

    Documentation: the physician should self claim credit for appropriate AMA PRA Category 2 Credit™ activities and document activity title or description, subject or content area, date(s) of participation and number of credits claimed. Physicians may not claim AMA PRA Category 2 Credit™ for an activity for which the physician has claimed AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™. Each physician is responsible for claiming and maintaining a record of their AMA PRA Category 2 Credit™.


    Each online courses take over an hour to complete. Our hands on courses ranges from 4 to 8 hours long, depending on the location.

  • How long is the course?

    The duration of time spent in your office will vary from training to training. It depends on the desires of the trainee and the amount of patient models that are available. Each trainings typically last about 4 hours long. We are highly flexible to the needs of the practice while focusing on direct patient contact with hands-on training.

  • Are there additional cost?

    Currently, New York, Los Angeles, Tampa, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm metro areas are the only areas that do not require additional travel expenses. Typically, we have to fly our trainers to your location and spend the night in your city. We require that you pay the additional travel expense to our trainers directly. This typically includes airfare, hotel, car rental and gas. This additional charge varies depending on many factors such as airline ticket costs, distance from the airport, and etc. We cannot give you a quote, but typically the total travel cost is under $500.

  • Are models provided?

    We ask that you use your staff, friends and family to become models for you. In select cities, we have a list of models that we can contact to see if they are able to come to your office. However, we find that most models prefer to stay local and we are unable to rely on them to be your model for your training.

  • How do I get models?

    Ask your staff, friends and family members to be models for your injection. We have been teaching Botox®/Dysport® and Dermal Fillers injection training since 2006. You can reassure your acquaintances that we have not had any MAJOR complications from any of the models. If your training starts at 10am, you'll want to schedule the first model at 11am and then schedule each one every half hour. The first hour of the course will be spent going over all of the course material with the trainer.

  • What are models charged?

    Your office is required to purchase the products (Botox & Juvederm) ahead of the training course. Your office may charge your models a fee to pay for the cost of products used on them or charge nothing. This depends on your desires.

    Below is a sample pricing fee to charge your models for the cost of the products used: 1 area of Botox®/Dysport® ~ $100 1 syringe of Restylane or Juvederm Filler (lasts ~ 4-6 months) ~ $250

  • What if I want to pay for my models the cost of the products?

    Then you should discuss with the trainer how many products that you should purchase before your training. Here are the typical prices with the vendors:

    Botox®: 1 vial = $525 (can treat up to 5 areas)

    Restylane or Juvederm: 1 syringe = $250 (can treat only 1 patient)

    Prevelle: 1 syringe = $129 (lasts 1- 2 months, but great for training: sold by Mentor)

  • How much product will I have to use during the training?

    We typically go through two vials of Botox®/Dysport® and 2-4 syringes of a filler. Restylane and Juvederm are similar hyaluronic acid dermal filler that we typically use.

  • What if I want to train more than 2 people in the office?

    Each additional person that you want to train above 2 people is an additional $500.

  • How do I buy Botox and Dermal Fillers for the course?

    When you get access to the online training course, there is a link download the list of vendors. However, here it is as well:

    Botox® & Juvederm, contact Allergan - 800-433-8871

    Restylane, Perlane, and Dysport contact Galderma - 1-844-GALDERM

    You will need to watch our online training videos to download the certificate. You need this certificate to set up an account with the vendors.

  • What supplies do I need?

    We use MedVet International for our products. You can use any other vendors that you may want to use for your products. Here is the list of products that we require you to have in your office at the training.

    MedVet International
    (847) 680 - 3050



    Total Cost

    Catalog #

    Alcohol wipes





    Gauze 4x4





    1cc syringe




    mv1cc25x5/8 1cc with needle

    5cc syringe





    30g needle 1/2 inch





    27g needle 1-1/4 inch





    Gloves vinyl one small, med, large





    Lidocaine 1% (50 mL bottles)





    Bacteriostatic 0.9% NaCl (30 mL bottles)












    Total =




  • I registered and submitted my payment. Now what?

    Please email us with at least 4 dates that you have available for your training. Ideally, they should be 3 – 4 weeks from the date of your registration to allow us to coordinate the schedules with our trainers. One of our trainers will contact you about setting up the exact training date. You should also view the online training material and download the PDF and WORD documents for your office.

  • Allergan and other companies like Allergan require a training certificate to place an order. Will this training certificate allow me to order these products?

    Yes. The certificate that you receive after the training is sufficient proof of your training in the procedure being taught. We will provide you with a list of vendors to place your orders from. Pharmaceutical products can only be purchased through a licensed medical provider such as a physician or a dentist.

  • My malpractice insurance requires a proof of training certificate. Will this training certificate fulfill the training requirement?

    Yes. The certificate that you receive after the training is sufficient proof of your training in the procedure being taught. We will provide you with a list of malpractice insurance carriers who specialize in noninvasive cosmetic procedures.

  • What is included in the educational materials and videos?

    We provide you with the complete PowerPoint Presentation of the educational goals, sample consent forms and necessary office documentation, vendor list, Policies and Procedures, and videos of the actual procedures being performed.

  • Return Policy: Can I get the deposit back if I have logged on to the educational materials and videos?

    Once you register, you will have immediate access to the instructional videos. Therefore, the deposit is non-refundable. If you are signing up only for the online course, then the total payment is non-refundable. This is due to the high value of the content and the wealth of instructional information it contains. We send these preparation materials ahead of time in good faith that you will attend the course. Please make sure that you are ready to take this course and that you have the time available in your practice before you register for our hands-on training. In addition, please ensure, that at the day of your hands-on training, that you have asked the instructor all the questions and feel comfortable injecting patients on your own.

  • How much HANDS ON practice will I get?

    It depends on the number of practice model patients that we obtain for the day of the training. With our personal instructions, we are confident that you will finish our training course with more confidence than that of other courses that offer much less hands on time.

  • Can I bring my office manager/spouse/assistant/other individual with me to the training?

    Yes. Since the trainings are held at your office, we recommend that your entire office staff is available to watch and learn. We will also teach you AND another licensed injector in your office without charging extra.

  • What types of payment can you accept at the trainings?

    We can accept cash or credit cards.

  • Can I open an aesthetic practice after taking this course?

    The laws vary by state. If you are not a physician, then it is best to contact your state licensing bureau to check whether or not you can inject by yourself, with onsite, direct, or indirect supervision by a physician. Many of the state’s laws are vague or incomplete in this area. We are unable to provide legal advice to anyone on their state’s laws.

  • Where is the training?

    All of our trainings are held at your medical office or a location in your city. Cosmetic Medical Training used to hold our trainings in hotel conference rooms. We have decided that this is not optimal as it is unsanitary and does not replicate your actual practice experience.

  • Who teaches the hands-on training?

    Our traveling instructors include Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants and Registered Nurses.

  • Who is able to take the hands-on training?

    We only train Physicians (MD/DO), Dentists (DMD), Nurse Practitioners (NP), Physician Assistants (PA), and Nurses (RN). If you do not hold any of these degrees, then it is unlikely that your state will allow you to administer injections on patients. We recommend that you check with your USA/state licensing boards as new laws and regulations are passed each year.

  • When can I have the training?

    After you register and pay the deposit, you will email our coordinator the dates that you have available for the training. We will do our best to accommodate your earlier training date request. We are available to train in your office on Saturdays as well.

  • Why should we use Cosmetic Medical Training?
    1. Convenience – You don’t have to take days off from your practice to travel and take a course.  We will come to your office to train you.
    2. Price – We are able to train two trainees from your office for the price of $1200*.  Non clinical staff may observe without any additional fees.  We encourage this as this is an essential part of marketing and sales. 
    3. Privacy – You don’t have to be a part of a herd of trainees trying to get the most hands-on experience or waiting to have your questions answered.
    4. Real practice experience – Teaching in your office or practice location will allow you to be comfortable in your own surrounding and experience what the procedure will be like day to day. 
    5. History – We have been training Botox® and Dermal Filler injection training since 2006.  Many of our trainers are certified trainers for Botox® and various other fillers. 
  • What is the next step?

    Register for our hands-on Botox®/Dysport® and Dermal Filler Injection Training Course. After your deposit payment, you will have immediate access to our online training material that we want you to learn ahead of the training date.

    Call or email us if you have any additional questions.

  • Why should I train with Cosmetic Medical Training?

    We are confident that after our one day Botox®/Dysport® or Dermal Filler that you will feel comfortable practicing your injections on your own without direct supervision on the basic treatment areas.  We provide the MOST HANDS ON training experience out of all the courses that train through out USA.  Also, we donate 10% of our GROSS income to charities around USA, such as the following: Charity Water, His Caring Place, Sheridan House, Calvary Chapel Missions, Innovative Charity, Living Hope Haiti, etc.

  • How do I register?
  • I signed up without making a payment previously. Now I want to make a payment. What should I do?

    You must make a payment at the time of registration or your login and password will not give you access to the training material. You have two options. You can start up a new account with a different email address. Or, you may contact us and we can delete your inactive account. When we delete your old account, you will have to re-register again as if it was your first time.

  • I registered and made a payment. How do I watch the online training material?

    Please click on "Log In" menu above, enter your email and password.

    Go to "My Course" section after logged in.

    Click on "Start Course" to open up the online Training module for the course that you signed up for.

  • Where is the training material pdf that I can download?

    Please click on "Log In" menu above, enter your email and password.

    Go to "My Course" section after logged in.

    Click on "Start Course" to open up the online Training module for the course that you signed up for.

    On the right side, you will see under "Downloadable Materials" section. This has the additional education materials such as CONSENT FORMS, PRE AND POST PATIENT INSTRUCTIONS, RECOMMENDED RESOURCES, and more.

  • Where is the certificate pdf that I can download?

    Please click on "Log In" menu above, enter your email and password.

    Go to "My Course" section after logged in.

    Click on "Download Certificate" to download your online certificate.

  • I want to pay for the travel ahead of time. How can I do that?

    You can pay for the cost of the travel or other miscellaneous expenses via this link https://cosmeticmedicaltraining.com/registration2

    Please discuss the payment amount with our training coordinator ahead of time. Thank you.

    ** Please note that if you already registered for one of our courses with an email account, then you will need to use ANOTHER different email account to make this payment.